Tasmanian Leaders Program update

You may be aware that throughout this year, Daryl has been participating in the Tasmanian Leaders Program, along with 23 other “TLPers” who were selected through a rigorous process. The program has had a significant impact on all of the participants, and you can read Daryl’s reflections on it here.

The program involves a number of residentials and “Linking Sessions”, which are one day seminars aimed at providing participants with deep insight into a topic relating to Tasmania’s future. These sessions attract high calibre guest speakers, and are held under Chatham House rules. Each year, the group of 24 participants is organised into four smaller teams called Learning Sets, each of which are responsible for planning and delivering one of the Linking Sessions, as well as a project that will benefit Tasmania over the longer term.

Daryl’s Learning Set hosted a Linking Session in Hobart last Friday, which explored the topic of getting the right balance between Aboriginal culture and development in Tasmania. The session had a big impact on Daryl and the other participants.

“I have a much better appreciation of our Island’s Aboriginal culture” Daryl said. “Hopefully, my girls will live to see the day when we have achieved and moved beyond reconciliation, and where the Aboriginal voice will be a strong and sought after voice in the co-creation of Tasmania’s future. It’s a voice that has much to give”.

Applications for the 2017 program close at midday on the 1st of October.

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